4 thoughts to “Photoshopping lousy pics into art”

  1. Sorry. I hate overly modified shots. HDR and pics modified to all heck just look like dog poop. Natural is best. Just post what you shot.
    It’s like a woman. They may look amazingly fake, but everyone knows that they are fake. The good stuff, is the real stuff.

    None the less…keep shooting. I am sure that everyone wants to see more of your surroundings (as they are). Thanks, Rich.

  2. Steve, I agree, that’s why I put those shots into a Flickr set called “crapified crap.” I was looking through this guy’s highly praised photostream and thought that a lot of the shots were average but still there was something appealing about them. So I thought I’d try it out on my own mediocre shots as an experiment.

  3. off topic but: do you ever worry about one of those power lines falling on your head? Japan has their powerlines above ground and it’s one of the things i can’t help always noticing. They seem to run everywhere.

  4. All the phone poles are made of steel reinforced concrete and are supposedly earthquake-proof. So no, it never crossed my mind, but they sure are ugly, aren’t they? Always in the way of a good photo. I do get nostalgic for wooden phone poles when I think about them, which isn’t too often.

    Once on a family camping trip my dad chopped up a downed phone pole he found and we burned it in the campfire. Boy did it stink like flaming death on a rampage, and we couldn’t put it out either.

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