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Last night I spent way too much time putting together a wee video clip from my archive of old and unlabeled tapes. I threw it in the chumbucket because it’s more of a home video than something insightful about Japan. I don’t want to put too much stuff like that in the main feed because I think it might bore some people who for some incomprehensible reason aren’t as enamored with my kids as I am.

Every time I work on a video, I wonder how the pros do it for the evening news so quickly. Or how TV and movie editors manage to watch, edit and archive hours and hours of footage. Maybe they don’t watch over and over what they’re working on like I do.

Chumbucket access rules are to do one of the following:

  • Fill out this stupid survey
  • Link to me from your blog
  • Donate a little money so I can buy Tony a new PSP for Christmas (I don’t know what Andy wants yet, besides some new pens.)
  • If you’ve been reading, watching and listening but still haven’t introduced yourself, please do so. I often wonder who are the roughly 300-400 subscribers I’ve never heard from.

Do one of the above, then e-mail me and I’ll give you the URL.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

7 thoughts to “Chumbucket alert”

  1. Hey, I’m leaving a comment for the first time! I’ve been here since you started the podcast. I love it! I’m a freshman at Michigan State University studying Japanese and Chinese, so you can see why I read your blog. I just started a blog this past summer, so you should check it out! Thanks!

    Garrek’s last blog post..Human-being hater speaks at MSU campus

  2. Rich! Please send me a link to the chumbucket! I filled out that great survey, and I’ve been linked to you from my blog for ages, help me get more of your killer content man! I’m begging you! Remember I used to work at VONA and have plenty of time on my hands now! Looking for ways to pass the time…

    butt?’s last blog post..vol. 3!

  3. Hey Rich. This is my first comment on the blog too, been reading it basically since the start. Seen and heard every v/podcast you’ve made too. I’ve had a link here from my blog since I made it, so about 2 years now! I’m also on you’re facebook group! Chumbucket-ness?

    Timmy B’s last blog post..Andy Meyrick…..up a tree!

  4. Hey Rich. I have been reading and watching your stuff for several months as a way of obtaining some insight into Japanese culture beyond that provided in either anime or contemporary J-drama, and I stayed for the human and family interest stuff, that is, your personal “backstory,” as well as your log of events with your two boys and family. I am a college instructor of philosophy at multiple schools, and I was a full-time desktop PC technician (now very part-time), and I too, would appreciate access to your bucket of chum. Mario Trentanelli

  5. Hey Rich! I just filled out that survey and here I am introducing myself too I guess…I live in eastern Pennsylvania and I am a junior in high school, I study Japanese a little on my own when I have free time, I love watching and listening to both Herro Flom Japan and The Japlish Podcast…hope I can get the link to the chumbucket ^_^

  6. Hi Rich,

    I heard your podcast on letting go of your friend and I felt bad to hear you describe what you went through. I hope things get better for you. As for me, I’ve written to you before and I enjoy listening to your show. I was born in the US to Japanese parents and live in Orange County, CA now. I don’t speak much Japanese, but I still understand most of it from hearing my parents speak, so I get a kick out of listening you speak both languages. Hearing you describe life in Japan gives me an idea of what it would be like for me to live there while I enjoy living here in the states. I have been there a few times and it’s a great place, but I think I’m overly Americanized to consider living in Japan. That’s all I have for now. I hope to hear more podcasts in the future.

    Best Regards,

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