16 thoughts to “Testing a theory”

  1. I have to go in and mark the comment as a troll, or I can flag trolls’ IP addresses and their comments will be disemvoweled automatically.

    Don’t worry, I doubt my mother got an eyefull of the original post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. @Darren: Thanks to your comment, my experiment is a success!

    Seriously, I stepped outside the office and looked for the most boring thing I could find. Actually it was a toss up between a patch of gravel or the garbage cans.

    Now I’m tempted to make a gallery of the most mundane things I can find just to see how people react to them. Or maybe a video…yeah, a video. A music video with garbage cans, walls, pylons, sewer drains…

  3. How to keep your readers happy, paradoxically… or something…

    Anyway, at some level you made a decision not to go with the gravel, so you must care about us a little. In related news, I just wrote about skip hire in Spain on my site, and I have to admit that I’m pretty curious in a similar kind of way to see if that gets any comments!

  4. Wow you actually hate your audience donโ€™t you!,
    but its amazing how some people watch things that actually insult them. I once watched an Easter egg on a DVD of a series called โ€œNathan Barleyโ€ where it changes the subtitles on an episode to constant insults aimed at anyone who watches them.

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