Me and Jackie Chan

The other night, David Letterman had Jackie Chan on and asked him if he enjoyed making the Rush Hour movies. His reply:

“Not really…On the set I just follow whatever they tell me to do. They tell me fight, I fight. They tell me speak dialog, I speak dialog. When I speak dialog everybody laughing, I don’t understand what’s going on. Then I don’t know why audience like it.”

I can sympathize. Every morning, I think about what I’d say if I were to do a podcast and I think, “Nobody would want to hear about that.” But when I force myself to do one, the reaction is positive and for the life of me I can’t understand why. It’s like I’m the only one not tuned into the appeal.

I know, I know, I’ve said the same thing 100 times. But I’m still trying to figure it out. The problem is, I really like all the people who come to this site, so I have to keep putting stuff out so you keep coming back.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

9 thoughts to “Me and Jackie Chan”

  1. Love the tag you chose for this post. Emo, lol.
    Seriously man, I wouldn’t change a thing of what you do on here. I come on here because honestly, your life seems more exciting than what I see where I am. I’m sure that sounds a bit mundane, but it’s true. You’re living in a different world, and it’s interesting to me, that’s all.

  2. I commute two hours to work, work till 7, read in a coffee shop till 9, commute two hours home, go to bed at midnight.

    What I need to do is find myself another friend like Oliver. Now THAT was FUN. Expensive, bad for my liver and tiring, but fun. Being able to meet people like him makes podcasting worthwhile.

  3. Yeah I love the tag Rich. Emo…nice!

    Your podcasts are great Rich, I’ve never had anything to complain about. Your living the life I want! I want to live in Japan, work there, get married, etc. So your allowing me to let me live my life through you.

    I’ll be the next Oliver! I will surely be in contact when I go to Japan Rich!

  4. I can echo what Charlie and Carl said. It’s interesting to me probably just because it’s different than my life. That and I have the same interest/fascination with Japan that I’m sure most of your other listeners/readers have. It’s also a bit inspirational in a way, encouraging me to get off my ass and work towards my goal of living in Japan for at least a few years, so that I can experience the same kinds of cultural quirks and things that you are.

    I wanted to contact some Japan podcasters to hang out when I made a trip there last year, but I didn’t want to be intruding or come off as some random creepy dude from the internet.

    I didn’t get to do much liver damage there, though I would’ve liked to. But being able to buy alcohol at convenience stores was a treat, we can’t do that here in Pennsylvania (as you probably know). Also I really enjoying drinking on the shinkansen, watching the beautiful scenery go by while enjoying a slight buzz.

    My friend and I didn’t have much luck finding the happening nightlife (I’m not into loud blaring clubs, but more pub/divebar atmosphere), we could’ve used a little guidance! I also didn’t get to do karaoke. Definitely will have to do more nighttime outings on my next trip.

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