At the dentist


Tony unfortunately inhereted his mother’s teeth and gets cavities all the time. I, on the other hand, have never had one.
Our dentist is high-tech. X-rays show up instantly on a laptop and get stored on a server instead of a file cabinet.
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Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

7 thoughts to “At the dentist”

  1. The dentist wanted to see how their permanent teeth were coming in. It’s pretty amazing to see how many teeth kids have in an x-ray. Looks like half their skull is full of teeth.

  2. There are methods to ensure teeth come in straight if the dentist knows the size/position of teeth before they come in. I don’t think these x-rays are unnecessary.

  3. Tony has two teeth coming it that are crowding out a few that are in the way. The dentist asked me if I wanted him to pull them, I said, “Sure, why not get it over with,” but Tony was on the verge of freaking out and talked the two of us out of it. It sounds like they’re eventually going to need to be pulled. Tony just wanted to spare himself the torture on that particular day.

    What are you doing awake at this ungodly hour, Baba? (Mom)

  4. BTW, I trust our dentist. He has always done a good job and always explains the options, what he’s doing and why.

    Many years ago I went to another dentist in town who “filled” a “cavity,” but later found that not only he didn’t even drill through the enamel, but he also slopped the filling between two teeth, making it impossible to floss. He didn’t charge much, but it cost me far more to repair the damage he did.

  5. Is it just me or is there a bystanders view of the dentist office? There’s like a big giant window in front of Tony. Is it like a one sided window or something because I’d find it pretty uncomfortable to have to sit in an office while some dude walking his dog is watching me get a root canal.

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