Andy, Oliver, Tony

Oliver, a 19 year old podcast listener from the UK who’s trekking around Japan for a few months, stayed over at our house last night. Our boys were really, really excited to meet him. All three slept on the living room floor, but not before spending at least an hour in the dark making all sorts of noises that only little boys can make. (armpit farts, pig snorts, unexplainable very loud banging, etc.) I’m assuming it was Andy and Tony entertaining their guest. Tony woke up this morning looking very hung over. As long as the walls weren’t splattered with blood and nobody woke up in a pool of their own vomit (or somebody else’s), I’m just glad they enjoyed themselves.

In fact, you’re all invited to visit, just as long as all 4,000 or so of you don’t visit all at the same time.

P.S. My site was down earlier because the database server’s hard drive died and had to be rebuilt from a backup. I’m very surprised they’re not using RAID. Very bad sign. If I weren’t so lazy I’d ditch Dreamhost for a more reliable operation.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

13 thoughts to “Andy, Oliver, Tony”

  1. You know, this is what is so great about podcast communities. It feels like we are all looking out for eachother’s backs, and even if we do feel lost in another country, we know we’ve got a friend that might be able to help us along the way. That is the REAL “Global Village” of the future. Hope you guys had a great time!

  2. You know I give you credit Rich. You’re a lot more open minded, and not as negative as I am. I’m sure Oliver is a real nice guy and all. But I’d probably have an issue with a stranger sleeping with my kids heh. Of course I assume you know the guy pretty well. Don’t mind my comments. I grew up in a rough part of Jersey, so I still tend to have a hard time trusting anyone.

    Anyways that’s pretty awesome inviting him to stay at your place. Looks like your boys had a blast.

    As for me coming to Japan.. it’s highly doubtful. I just don’t make good money right now, to go anywheres out of the United States.. New Jersey for that matter lol. Lord knows I’d love to some day. Japan is definitely on my list of countries to visit.

  3. I’m heading back to South Korea (this time permanently) on August 20th, so if I ever feel like taking a short vacation to Japan, I might take you up on that offer.. 🙂

    As Alex said, it’s really things like this that make a community shine. I wish newspapers would dedicate their time to things like this, and not just all the negative sides of things..

  4. That’s really cool of you Rich. I really want to do some podcasting, but I have NO idea where to start.

    So when should I come and how long can I stay?

  5. @Dave:

    I wish newspapers would dedicate their time to things like this, and not just all the negative sides of things.

    Try listening to NPR. They have a way of covering human interest stories without making them sound like fluff that insults listeners’ intelligence.

  6. @Dave: Itunes podcast directory, left hand side, under “Featured Providers.”

    I foolishly assumed with a name like “Dave” you’d be from North America and know what National Public Radio is.

  7. Nope, I’ am but a mere peasant of the land of Hollandia. Or in layman’s terms, I’m from The Netherlands.

    Thanks for the link, will check it out.

  8. I’m in Japan, and I’m loving it. It’s so different from the US. It’s wonderful to see life from another point of view. My cousin and I are staying in Uruma-shi Okinawa for a month and a half. After that he goes home and I head for school in Kyoto.

    I hope things are going well for you and your family Rich!

  9. Time to creep out of the shadows… Hey Rich! I’m Michael from Germany (yes, that little dot right there!) and I’ve been listening to your podcasts since my time in Canada last year. After that I kept your page on Bloglines waiting for some more soundseeing… which I still hope will eventually come again. You know, some of us even liked the whiny sounding parts 😛

    Anyway, this year will bring a big change: I will come to work in Japan for a year and guess where I’m headed? Well… Kyoto, but I’ll visit Tokyo at first since my flight takes me there and if you’re not too terribly busy later this month it’d be seriously cool to meet you there. It’s a bit out of the blue but since you don’t charge for asking 😉

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