9 thoughts to “Tony, Andy & Daddy go Fishin’”

  1. I enjoyed listening to the Japanese on that one. And man oh man… It even made me nervous when Tony was casting while Andy ran behind him.

  2. @Kyle: Yep, this one is for all the people who want to learn Japanese, stuff like, “Tony said that once he thought he farted but actually he pooped.”

  3. Haha now I know how my uncle felt when he took us (meaning my sister and I) finishing when we were their age. He was the same about the hook too. Can’t say I blame him either. Watching that video of your kids doing the same thing we did as kids scared me too heh.

  4. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, I just got to Flordia for Spring Break and it is nice! More video’s! So awesome, thanks Rich!

  5. I’m from Michigan, so naturally fishing was a big part of my childhood. Curious, is the reel/winding type of fishing rod more common here than in Japan, or is it sort of the type of fishing or whether it is a pond, lake, sea, etc…

    THAT’S FINE! You sounded so frustrated already. But bubbles truly help with the stress. I can’t imagine tolerating kids for long, but your kids seem enjoyable

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