6 thoughts to “Koga Lantern Festival”

  1. @Kyle: And to think that I didn’t fuss over the editing at all. It took only one night’s worth of work. (I slept in the office again.) Ever since I shot the video I’ve known how I wanted to edit it, and I recently learned how to do it.

    @Ventura: It’s called Taiko drumming.

  2. Many, many festivals all year around. I’m glad for them because they break the routine and let you run into old friends. I’m usually the only foreigner I see at festivals in Koga, like the one at Sogo Koen last weekend when I took the flower photos. It used to bother me because I was extremely self-conscious and people used to point me out over and over. It’s not like that anymore, I get treated like a human being instead of a alien life form or a big fuzzy Disney character. These days people pay more attention to our kids because they’re so damn cute.

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