I’s CUBE: Remember, you heard them here first.

Right now, for the first time I’m listening to the title song from the CD I bought from them earlier tonight. Holy shit. If I’s CUBE doesn’t end up making it really really big here, then either there’s something seriously wrong with collective musical taste of this country, or there are hordes of incredibly talented Japanese female vocalists that I don’t know about yet, and Ai Ujita is just a drop in the bucket.

And to think that not just me, but all of us were less than a minute away from totally missing their performance. It’s funny how fate works sometimes, isn’t it?


Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

12 thoughts to “I’s CUBE: Remember, you heard them here first.”

  1. Ah, I love it when a good recommendation falls in my lap. I’m moving to Kyoto tomorrow from good old blighty and am currently shitting the bed. Anyone know anywhere good to go out in Kyoto?

  2. Hey Rich!
    I love that track from I’s Cube!
    I tried to look into purchasing CD from Yamano music but the site
    is hard to navigate. Well, my Kanji skills suck!
    Your episode was great.
    I am looking forward to hearing more bands featured on future episodes.
    Oh here is site I found that features unsigned indie bands in Japan.
    lots of free undiscovered bands
    Please enjoy.


    Thanks Ken(San Francisco)
    Ps: Do you ever see that crazy woman that plays the toy piano again?

    1. Eccentric, not crazy. I absolutely love her artwork. There aren’t many artists who make me crave an original, but she’s on the top of my list. I haven’t run into her since the first podcast, but every time I go to Shibuya I always hope to see her there.

      I’m sure she’s like Madge Weinsten/Richard Bluestein. A very interesting person behind a very extreme character.

  3. That was a good one. It’s really fun to hear you speak Nihongo. That track you posted immediately reminded me of Alanis Morisette’s album “Jagged Little Pill”. Even the production mimics Glenn Ballard’s sound and style. Pretty cool.

  4. It’s a damn shame none of the great indie stuff you plug can be imported by those of us outside of Japan. I’m sure there’s a business model in here somewhere….

    1. I plan to fix that, but first the people who make a living by selling CDs need to be convinced that allowing podcasters to distribute music via MP3 files isn’t merely giving it away for free.

      I also need to remind them that in cyberspace, payola isn’t illegal. (Ha ha.)

  5. Wow. What a great song. I hope that I am able to get the CD from the agent. Too bad I can’t figure out how to directly order from Yamaha. You should definitely help them out or start up a side business. Thanks for the introduction.

  6. Rich, again youve managed to pull off another great Episode. But this time, BY CHANCE! You running into I’s Cube has Refreshed my interest in Japanese Music. I literally LoL’ed when you were ranting about how the Japanese tend to put strings of BAD english into the lyrics of thier songs. I completely understand how you feel and I hated that as well. I would always listen to a song and id be like “WTF?” when song quirky english chorus etc would spring up. Anyway, loved the Episode and I enjoy your casts very much. Ive learned a lot of tidbits about Japan that I was curious about over your episodes. Keep em coming!  ★水着着けているのバナナ★

  7. And a almost a year later you see I’s cube music featured in the first episode of Ani Kuri =)…I love her songs. Another great song is namida no mukou =)!

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