Funnelgirl beats goatse and tubgirl hands down

I’m torn between keeping this to myself or sharing it. But what the heck, it’ll definitely increase my hits from Google.

I just challenged myself to the new reigning champion of the absolute worst the Internet has to offer so you don’t have to. DO NOT search for and watch this video. You have been warned. It will make you puke. It is the Antichrist, multiplied by infinity. JUST. SAY. NO.

I watched this a few minutes ago. I couldn’t make it to the end. I barely made it to the bathroom, and when I did, I didn’t want to be anywhere near a toilet, so I just puked in the sink. Grossest thing ever. —a random Funnelgirl viewer.

Update: Remember when I said Google loves me? It’s been less than eight hours since I wrote this post and I’m already ranked #3 for funnelgirl. And I want to make this perfectly clear: I’m scarred for life. My 39 year old innocence, permanently shattered. (Link)