Monthly Bloggers’ Meetup in Tokyo

Me trying to look olderStill no news to report from me. I work, I go home, lather, rinse, repeat. Next month, I turn 40 years old. It’s not fair. Not so long ago I was a teenager trying to grow a mustache in an attempt to look older. I can’t figure out what I did that was so horrible as to deserve this fate.

I don’t feel 40. I don’t think I look it either. People my age don’t look young anymore. They’re covered with wrinkles and cellulite and have specks of gray in their thinning hair. But at least they tend to have their stuff together. My stuff is lying in piles around the house. Am I allowed to have a middle aged crisis now? Because I think I’ve already starting having one. A very quiet one. Mostly. Until right now.

Changing the subject to the subject of this post, a bunch of bloggers who live in and around Tokyo meet at The Dubliners’ Irish Pub in Shibuya on the third Wednesday of every month at 7 pm. That’s tomorrow. I will be there, and I will drink (but not smoke) and probably moan a little about turning 40 because it stinks, although it’s not as bad as the alternative, which is dying.

And if anyone makes fun of me for getting old, I will beat them senseless with my stainless steel walker.

Another post deleted.

I deleted the last podcast because the HFJ editorial staff (my mother) thought I gave out far too much personal information. And I gotta do what my mother says. It’s an involuntary reaction.

BTW, I won’t be able to go to the video blogger event tomorrow night at the Pink Cow. My company is holding a going away party that night for a coworker who left the company at the end of last month. The nicest thing I can say about him leaving is that things won’t be the same without him.

Tokyo event: Video Blogging Night and Sanyo Xacti Touch-and-Try

WhenTuesday, December 4, 2007, 7 – 10pm
WhereThe Pink Cow, Shibuya (
Cost2,000 yen (Includes light buffet and chance to win one of 2 Xacti digital video cameras)

Andrew Shuttleworth, an Irishman who knows absolutely everyone in Tokyo (and I’m not exaggerating), is hosting this event in conjunction with Sanyo. Yukako “Tajee” Tajima, a bilingual video blogging major babe and businesswoman, will be giving a presentation on ways to put videos online.

I’m hoping it won’t be well attended because they’re giving away two Xacti digital video cameras and dammit, I want one. The fewer people who show up, the better my chances of winning the lottery. So stay home that night.