Introducing Arthur

Arthur is a weekly book and educational toy series. Every week we buy a new piece of him. (This week he gets his left lung and his voice box, I think.) Someday I’d like to meet a preteen kid who can hold a camera still for more than an eighth of a second. But Andy loves being on camera. He’s going through an “Here, I’ll hold the camera for you,” stage now, and it started with this clip.

Verklempt in the car

My wife, preggersTony, Andy and I are in the car in this episode talking about various stuff, including my stories about when Tony and Andy were born. I had a binaural mic clipped to each visor. You can hear my voice crack as I remembered a little too vividly how hard it was to watch my wife suffer through hours and hours of labor. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard on her–of course it was– but it was hard for me too. And very emotional.