A Video Tour of Roppongi

I can’t believe there are nearly 300 subscribers to this…thing. What’s wrong with you people? I mean, I can understand why my friends and family like this stuff, but the other 295 of you? TV and radio programming must be pretty awful if you’re coming here for entertainment. Whatever. I’m glad ya’ll enjoy it. It’s fun for me too. This is like being famous, but without the burden of having to keep track of my millions.

Tonight I started off at the Hobgoblin pub in Akasaka because I was thirsty for Blackthorn cider. Afterwards I turned the camera on myself while I took a little stroll through the neighborhood but…well, you’ll see. It didn’t go so well, so I walked to Roppongi where I had a bit more fun. Then I went home. The end.

I have to apologize to the blind guy who left a comment here a week or two ago. I’ve been meaning to put a podcast together for you. I hope you don’t feel left out. How about if I just e-mail you the 50 or so hours of unedited audio I have saved?

Thanks to everyone who filled out the questionnaire. The results are interesting. I like feedback way more than votes. But votes are kind of nice too. If you happen to be at Podcast Alley voting for other shows you like, heck, you might as well vote for me too while you’re there, right?


Soundseeing in Akasaka

Warning: This episode is neither work safe nor podsafe. It will corrupt your children and jeopardize your career. And if that weren’t bad enough, it’ll probably hurt your eardrums too.

Last night I had fish & chips with cider at an English pub in Akasaka, took a stroll, talked with a few kyakubiki (customer pullers), and finished up the evening with karaoke. Recently I showed off some photos of me when I was younger, and a friend told me I looked like Freddy Mercury when I was in college, so I chose a song from Queen to sing.

Rich “Freddy Mercury” Pav