Anti-foreigner hate-speech publication on sale in Japan

Gaijin HanzaiYou know, I might have seen this magazine in a convenience store last weekend. I can’t remember which one or where. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did. I just didn’t give it much thought.

Even the title Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu (Foreigners Underground Crime File) uses an epithet for “foreigner” that’s offensive enough to be banned from broadcasts.

From Chiba Beat:

“It goes beyond being puerile and into the realm of encouraging hatred of foreigners,” Debito Arudou, a naturalised Japanese citizen, told the Guardian. “The fact that this is available in major bookstores is a definite cause of concern. It would be tantamount to hate speech in some societies.”

From Reuters:

“We wanted to take this up as a contemporary problem,” said Shigeki Saka of Tokyo-based publishers Eichi, which also publishes magazines on popular U.S. and South Korean television dramas. “I think it would be good if this becomes a chance to broaden the debate,” he added.

One caption in the magazine refers to a black man as “nigger.”

“This is not a racist book, because it is based on established fact,” Saka said. “If we wanted to be racist, we could write it in a much more racist way,” he added, saying that the word “nigger” was not considered offensive in Japan.

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It was pulled from I’ll look through the user reviews later.

You want my opinion? I’m glad it was published. Living in Japan is the only way a white male like myself can truly understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of racial descrimination. I can say for certain there are plenty of Japanese who are disgusted by this kind of publication, just as there are whites in the US who believe in racial equality.

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