Public Service Announcement: iScoot extends Skype

It’s now possible to have incoming Skype calls forwarded to any phone, even your mobile phone. Holy-frikkin’-moley.

First, let’s assume that you use Skype on a PC and you already have purchased SkypeOut credit so that you can can make PC to phone calls. Next, download and install iScoot. Fire it up and enter your mobile phone’s number. Leave your PC connected to the net with Skype and iScoot running and go outside. (If you’re afraid to go outside, then just walk a few steps away from the computer. Don’t worry, your porn collection won’t evaporate.) When somebody Skypes you, iScoot will patch the incoming call to your phone via SkypeOut.

Now is that cool or what? I assume that if I use SkypeIn, someone could call my number in the US and it’ll be put through to my mobile. Nominees

The shows nominated for awards at have been announced. The nominees for soundseeing are:

Audio Collective

Herro Flom Japan

Notes From Spain

Sound Seeing Tours

The Richard Vobes Radio Show

I don’t know if I’d classify as a podcast. It’s a web site that posts links to individual shows featuring soundseeing. And I didn’t realize Richard Vobes did soundseeing. His show is great for kids, BTW. All shiny and happy and stuff.

So anyway, please give them all a listen and decide which one you like best. If I get your vote, I’m flattered. If not, well, that’s OK too. Ya win some, ya lose some. Life goes on. From the beginning, my original plan included making my own award and giving it to myself. Maybe I’ll put that into action.

Please take the time to vote for the shows you like. It means a lot to many of the podcasters out there. Since they produce their shows simply for the love of it and not for money (well, not yet… ) it’s a cheap and painless way to pay them back.

I just noticed the “Vote EVERY Day.” What kind of BS is that? Seems like asking a bit too much.

iTunes 4.9 is out!

Ladies and gentlemen, iTunes 4.9:

Currently, the podcast directory is hidden in the iTunes store. In the navigation bar on the left, select “Movie Trailers” then “Soundtracks.” On that page there’s a link to Podcasts.

Here are the technical details for making your podcast iTunes compatible:

HFJ isn’t available yet. There’s a way to submit a podcast’s RSS feed for consideration, but please don’t do it yet. I’m working on adding album art to all the previous episodes and moving them to another server so I don’t wake up one morning and discover I owe Dreamhost for excess bandwidth.

In the meantime, you can subscribe manually by pasting the RSS feed into iTunes. It’s under the “Advanced” menu.

Podcaster (not me) Fired for Podcasting

Nate from the Nate and Di Show got fired for acting like an immature moron in church and podcasting it. This was posted by Di in the Podcasting News Forum last week:

Apparently, folks here in the bible belt do not appreciate our strange sense of humor. Our trip to church on episode 5 apparently caused quite a stir in his office. Without warning, Nate was summarily released from his job today because someone we trusted at his company sent his boss a link to the site earlier this week. Nate was told our behavior on the show does not reflect the company “image”… even though we do it in our free time, not at work, and we never even mentioned where he worked. Anyhow, he was offered a severance package, so he really can’t discuss the details about the company, but we will hopefully survive for awhile, at least until he finds a new job. Most of our shows are just plain goofy, nothing to get that offended about(we think), but some people are so uptight down here that it’s ridiculous.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in order to receive the severance package he had to give up the right to sue the company. No doubt he was scared stiff when the shit hit the fan and wasn’t thinking straight.

HFJ gets reviewed by Area 51

Area 51, a very, very slick comedy podcast (#34 on Podcast Alley) put together by a group of top-notch professionals who probably lost their jobs when Clear Channel pillaged and burned their former places of work, mentioned Herro Flom Japan on their March 24 podcast.

Dude, I know the levels were off. It was my 2nd podcast. Ever. In my whole life. Come to think of it, I’ll fix the levels tonight and re-upload it.