Tokyo Lockdown


Twitter friends were right, the extra security is due to the G8 Summit in Hokkaido. It says so on these out-of-order garbage cans. Mystery solved.

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Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “Tokyo Lockdown”

  1. That was a mystery? There have been posters up in just about every train station in Tokyo and Yokohama for the past month explaining the additional security measures to be taken. I’ve even seen English versions of the poster up in Tokyo Metro stations. (Oddly, the English version went up a few days before the Japanese version at Waseda station – I have no idea why.)

    Garretts last blog post: Takatsu is Now a Pioneering Hero @

  2. I took my usual route to work today looking for new signs and didn’t see any until the final exit I take out of the subway station. I don’t think it was there yesterday. Either that or I didn’t notice it.

    There are so many “heightened security” signs everywhere since 9/11 that I don’t pay attention to them anymore. Until yesterday, I had never seen any extra security measures other than the signs themselves.

    Where did they come up with so many policemen all of the sudden? Do they have them stacked away in a warehouse somewhere plugged into chargers, ready to be switched on at a moment’s notice? I can’t imagine there are enough police boxes in Tokyo to house them.

  3. They taped the garbage cans shut, but the receptacles for empty pet bottles next to all the vending machines are still open. I guess they figure nuclear dirty bombs can’t fit into them. Or something.

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