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  1. I found out about Kanji Box via http://www.nihongojouzu.com and started the whole Facebook thing because of it…and no… I would never never use my beloved Rikaichan for such purposes 笑笑笑
    Doing the quizzes from Japan puts you at a disadvantage due to latency w/ the pages refreshing…at least that is the convenient excuse I tell myself for not being the top in Kanji in JLPT 2 and JLPT 1 笑笑笑

  2. It seems like some of the kanji that show up at level 5 of 1-kyuu are waaay obscure. I have never, EVER seen the kanji for “banana” ever used anywhere, and it was useless, trivial characters like that trip me up. Learning kanji that most Japanese probably don’t know is a waste of time. I’m going to contact the developer and ask if he’ll consider using the Mainichi Shinbun Frequency lists for vocab quizzes.

  3. Only 1000 characters? I wish. It’s closer to 2000. And explaining it in rather simple terms, each character can be read in multiple ways depending on how it’s used. Some characters have only two or three pronunciations, others have metric shitloads. The kanji used for given names are the most difficult.

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