Tokyo event: Video Blogging Night and Sanyo Xacti Touch-and-Try

WhenTuesday, December 4, 2007, 7 – 10pm
WhereThe Pink Cow, Shibuya (
Cost2,000 yen (Includes light buffet and chance to win one of 2 Xacti digital video cameras)

Andrew Shuttleworth, an Irishman who knows absolutely everyone in Tokyo (and I’m not exaggerating), is hosting this event in conjunction with Sanyo. Yukako “Tajee” Tajima, a bilingual video blogging major babe and businesswoman, will be giving a presentation on ways to put videos online.

I’m hoping it won’t be well attended because they’re giving away two Xacti digital video cameras and dammit, I want one. The fewer people who show up, the better my chances of winning the lottery. So stay home that night.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

9 thoughts to “Tokyo event: Video Blogging Night and Sanyo Xacti Touch-and-Try”

  1. I use to own a Sanyo Xacti, it’s pretty good during the day, but can get really depressing looking during night. The whole hybrid combo of a digital camera and a camcorder doesn’t mix with the Sanyo. The pictures are actually quite good, but the whole HD video concept of it kind of ruined my liking for it. I guess if you’re not looking to capture any HD video than this hybrid camera is decent to use. The portability of it is excellent though, I really enjoyed how lightweight and small it really is.

  2. I plan on going and look forward to meeting all the people in the web community. If I win the Xacti, you can have it as a charitable donation.

  3. Ken and I have been talking about setting something somewhat like this up – at the Pink Cow, no less – for over a year. Of course it’s Shuttleworth who beats us to it. The Pink Cow’s a pretty good place – Ken’s nijikai was there and we drop by every once in a while. Well, I drop by every once in a while. Ken’s a regular.

    Might be a good night out. My goal now is to win a Xacti, an item I’ve never before considered, just to spite people who want one.

    My other goal is to get big enough that I can act like a prima donna and make other people go up to the bar for me.

    Then I can feel all awkward and uncomfortable about it and embarrassed because people I can’t remember are calling me by name, and so on.

    You bringing mics and a recorder, Rich?

  4. >You bringing mics and a recorder, Rich?

    I hadn’t thought about it, but OK.

    Did I mention Tagee’s a babe?

    If you win one of the cameras, I’m afraid you might get mugged on the way home by a tall but mysterious foreigner in a ski mask. I’d better escort you, just to be on the safe side.

  5. In what I can only call truly wonderful cosmic irony, I most enjoyed this event which I only learned about on this site after reading your scathing review of my show.

    Guess who won the camera? 🙂

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