Well, at least I’m famous…

Tonight Robert Sanzalone told me that he saw my name mentioned in a book about podcasting. I did an Amazon search and found two books:

Page 267:

Rich Pav is your average, ordinary blogger, making his way through the not-so-average or ordinary Land of the Rising Sun. In Herro Flom Japan (www.herroflomjapan.com), Rich frames his various travels and encounters with the history, culture, and people of Japan in his own unique point of view

Page 97:

Rich Pav, the evil mastermind behind Herro Flom Japan, takes the tech and chit-chat formula to another level by combining it with his observations on living in Japan. Rich doesn’t have any claims to being the first, the best, the most authoritative — in fact he doesn’t claim anything — his podcasts instead being more of a stream of consciousness, usually preceded by the term ‘I feel a podcast coming on’. Or as he puts it, “My bunions are tingling. Every time that happens, a podcast spews forth from deep inside me. Kinda like that movie Alien.’ The latest development is the addition of a video feed called The Herro Flom Japan Video Clip Chumbucket, which he admits isn’t really good enough to send out, ‘but at the same time it’s a shame to just throw it away’. Offbeat, oft understated, and often funny

…and then the prick author goes and posts the RSS URL to the invite-only HFJ Chumbucket. Hey, he posted my stuff without permission, I’m paying him back, right here, right now. (Actually, I don’t mind. There are many far more important things in life to get upset about. And from now on, that feed will point to Funnelgirl.)

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “Well, at least I’m famous…”

  1. I knew you’d find a positive use for Funnelgirl. But what’s the new feed for the chumbucket? (insert whiny, teary-eyed whimpering emoticon here)

    Sluggo’s last blog post..WTF?

  2. Hey Rich I see all positive feedback from them! That’s more of a reason to start podcasting a lot more, like you use to. Now more and more people will stop by and listen.

    So Rich how is life in general?

    Carl’s last blog post..Rant…ゆき

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