Monthly Archive:: October 2007

kinda dumb.

A glasses retail chain in Japan made a splash on various blogs and news sites lately with a new mobile site that lets you try on specs using your camphone. In reality, all you do is download an overlay and put it over a

Happy Blog Action Day

I guess I’m supposed to write something about saving the environment. If you need to pass gas, wait until you get off the train. Like me, unless I’m in a mischievous mood. Better yet, stop farting altogether. Greenhouse gasses and stuff. Probably causes cancer

For some reason, Google loves me.

There are a number of search terms for which my blog ranks very, very highly: Used Panty Machine: #3 and 4 out of 1,850,000. I have to say I’m very proud of this. (P.S. There are NO used panty vending machines in Japan.) Used