8 thoughts to “MouthCam(TM) Frisbee”

  1. damn! Ventura beat me to it (re Darth Vader sound effects) — I was thinking exactly the same thing!

    yes – a hat or some kind of lanyard would most likely be more comfortable and a little less geeky 😉

  2. You say “less geeky” as if geeky were something bad; something that I shouldn’t be striving for.

    Actually I did some shopping over the weekend for some really strong duct tape that’s resistant to forehead grease. So you and I are sort of thinking along the same lines.

    I suspect nothing is going to work as well as holding the camera in my mouth. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up, and it ensures that the lens is always pointed in the direction I’m looking. The only way I want to make it better is to figure out how to attach a wide angle lens.

  3. Ok, if you want to truly embrace your inner geek — I dare you (no, I double dog dare you) to MouthCam(TM) from your front door all the way to your office (no cuts)! Do you have the cajones! 😀 (you did say something about pushing your boundaries with podcasting)

  4. Who’d want to watch a video that long? I’m pretty sure that if I’m somewhere and I think, “Gee, this would make a good MouthCam video,” that I could do it, provided I wouldn’t bring shame upon those who rely on me.

    How about an elevator? How about the elevator to the top of Tokyo Tower?

  5. @Ventura: $175 for the camera plus a few hundred more for a camera with composite inputs. If I’m going to invest that much, I’ll have to start recording some really dangerous hobbies (rattlesnake hunting, skydiving, etc.) to justify the cost.

    I wonder if I could keep the camera in my mouth while skydiving. I bet I could.

  6. Part of the excitement of MouthCam is the knowledge that its stuck in your mouth. If it were mounted on a helmet or hat, what would you call it? HatCam? Thats boring. At least MouthCam offers the possibility of some interesting reactions from those walking toward you, which I suggest you take advantage of: Walk directly *at* someone as if to almost collide with them. Hunch over a bit with your face jutted out like you’re constipated and make with the crazy eyes. Breathe rapidly through your mouth until you can’t control the saliva flow and grunt a bit. That should get some kind of reaction. Oh, but you should do this somewhere far from home so the local won’t think you’re nuts when you’re out with the family. Trust me, I know 😉

    Oh, by the way, you had me going there with the “MouthCam Frisbee.” I was hoping you had strapped the cam *to* the frisbee!

  7. Rich: ok, you are on! skydive from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower!

    Actually, the reason I said the commute was that I wanted to see how many people you could get to give you funny looks.

    Also, get a sports mouthguard and strap the phone to it 🙂 That or get a Darth Vader mask so at least your voice will make sense given the situation.

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