An I’s CUBE/Kana update

I just heard from Kana Tokura, I’s CUBE‘s manager when they were at Yamaha records. I lost touch with Kana when I dropped off the face of the earth last year, but she just sent me an e-mail with good news.

Kana started a new company and took I’s CUBE with her. She understands much better than Yamaha Records that people are changing what they listen to, the way they acquire music and how they listen to it. That being said, you can sample I’s CUBE’s latest CD online and purchase it via Paypal.

Show ’em your fandom (and make Kana all happy and giggly) by friending One Up Music and I’s CUBE on MySpace.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “An I’s CUBE/Kana update”

  1. I’sCUBE is even on YouTube… I just looked…She has a WONDERFUL voice… And I have no idea what she is singing about (as I can only pick about 5 words in each song…) so I should be able to say that with out judging what she is actualy singing about…

  2. @Darren Maybe you need to update your Flash plug-in. Works for me with Firefox on a PC. Or maybe you have Javascript disabled? But you’d probably know if you did.

    I saw them perform live last year and they were incredible. She’s so waifish but has an amazingly powerful voice.

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