MouthCam(TM): My Commute

Today the train I switch to on the outskirts of Tokyo was just slightly more crowded than usual. I was smashed into the people sitting down, and someone’s briefcase was wedged into my ass. But overall, I’d say this shows a typical commute.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

16 thoughts to “MouthCam(TM): My Commute”

  1. Man I love going on the train system in Tokyo its a great experience, my best train experience is the Shinkansen, I loved going between Tokyo and Kyoto.

    The good thing about being a gajin is everyone seems to be scared to stand close to you, like you have some kind of disease.


  2. ^ ^ “The good thing about being a gajin is everyone seems to be scared to stand close to you, like you have some kind of disease” I meant on the train lol.

  3. It is good you are taller than most of the others on the train. Otherwise, we would only have seen coats! 🙂

    Speaking of coats, what is the avg temp there? It is in the sixties (F) in Mississippi. The coeds are already wearing shorts!

    Your commute is too claustrophobic for me. I get into my six-seater pick-em-up truck, turn on the radio program I want to hear, and drive by my lonesome the six minutes to my parking place at work. 🙂

    Sometimes, I take the back roads (dirt/gravel), especially, if I am in the mood to see a cow or horse in the pasture. When I get home, there are often four or five deer in my yard, coming from the woods behind our five-acre lot.

    Oh, that was a crowded train!


  4. Wow you tower of those folks lol.

    I’m amazed at how quiet the ride seemed compared to the subways here in US. If it were like that here, I don’t think I’d mind taking the subway as much.

    Then again I’d have a problem being smooshed in with all those people like a Sardine Can.

  5. @Darren: Foreigners who are really foreign give off a kind of an aura of “There’s no telling what I might do.” I might be a whole lot taller, but I guess I don’t act any differently from anyone else on the train so people very, very rarely freak out if I sit next to them, or avoid sitting next to me. And even if they do, it’s not my problem.

  6. @Bill, it’s still cold enough to have wear gloves when I ride my bike to the train station. But not a hat.

    The train ride isn’t claustrophobic because you mentally shut out all the people surrounding you. And come to think of it, that’s what foreigners DON’T do that makes people uncomfortable. I just realized that.

    BTW, in the extened version of my bike ride to work that goes from my front door to the train, I stopped off at a public toilet because you suggested it. It’s in the chumbucket because it’s a little too long and overlaps what I already put out.

  7. i filled out the survey, but didn’t get a pointer to the chumbucket and still can’t find the toilet.


  8. Awesome video! I have wanted to film my commute to work, but have been afraid of being starred at. Why? I am 6’4″ and everyone stares at me anyways. I just don’t have the balls to do it…glad you did. Now the world can really see what it’s like!

  9. Whoa…that’s really cramped! Not all that dissimilar from a rush-hour subway ride in NYC which is one of the many reasons I prefer to work nights: reverse commute? Empty trains.

    Ahh…breathing room.

  10. the shots of you and your hands were pretty funny XD great video. I was surprised how you just keep getting pushed back farther and father into the train.

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