Marilyn Manson, my hero

Now here’s a guy who has found his true calling in life. What I find most shocking about him is his intelligence. He’s often criticised but never fails to take it gracefully and articulate his views far better than most people in the public eye. I wish he had a podcast.

Marilyn Manson on O’Reily Factor

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

10 thoughts to “Marilyn Manson, my hero”

  1. I’ve worked enough musicians to know that Brian truly is one of the most articulate people in rock music. Thanks for posting this interview. I had not seen this yet.

  2. I had no idea that the “f-word” was the primary cause of the descent of out culture!

    Gawd, I hate BO’R.

    And I LOVES me some MM! Seriously, he’s the most well-spoken man in rock today. I saw him on a “Politically Incorrect” panel years ago and was blown away. I also happen to think he’s a musical marketing genius (not a musical genius, but still, very impressive).

    I love that old fogies think his music is telling kids one thing when in fact it is telling them the exact opposite.

    Right. On.

  3. Oh this makes me think about a documentary of Micheal Moore, bowling for columbine, where Marilyn Manson gets interviewed. At that time I didn’t really know about him, I only heard some things about him being a crazy guy, ‘shock rocker’, etc. But at that moment I was really impressed by him. Well-spoken as you said but also rational. He definately seemed more intelligent than the average american or at least the average person that appeared in that documentary. He had a good point and distinguished himself from those other foolish, even infuriating people. My god, how stupid to think that music makes kids do bad things while they live in a country with a slightly (excuse my rudeness) idiotic society in general(media)and a huge amount of guns. It really surprised and worried me. Yes, I don’t like ‘the US’.

    Mind you, i am not saying every american is stupid or something, most definately not, but the image I have of the US in general is just bad (maybe undeserved or exaggerated). It also is quite hard staying objective and unprejudiced so this comment might be a bit generalizing. But again, I do realize not all americans are that way but at least enough to make me and propbably a lot of other people from outside the US think that way. I wish I could analyze and discuss this matter better without being insulting or even being just as stupid as those ‘religious right’ for example. (Like in American History X, it is very frightening to realise and see how someone can totally loose his overview, the view of himself in a wider perspective, from a distance)

  4. He is hardly orginal, he stole EVERYTHING he does from those who came before him , he should get on his knees and lick the boots of Rozz Williams but it is too late.

  5. Man, I remember growing up listening to him. It was middle school when “Anti-Christ Superstar” came out.

    What amazed me was how tame O’Reilly was when it came to trying to tear down MM. Normally, he gets belligerent and cuts the guest off on the quick.

  6. Marilyn Manson is a very intellectual person, he has insight on many things. I may not enjoy his music so much, but I do like how soft and well spoken he is.

  7. I can’t stand O’Reilly and listening to him for that long was a torture. But Manson rocks. In a showbiz being different = potential to make big bucks. Hey Rich that’s what you need. You are an inteli guy + sensitive + etc. so just put some make up on and go on bro.

  8. Im only young, but marilyn manson is one of the greatest people i think i will ever see. his music gives me the feeling that its ok to be different and im not alone because everybody feels ackward or weird. i hate wen ppl put MM down because all he’s trying to do is make his music..
    and i agree 100% that he is very well-spoken and very intelligent,,he sees the united states (and the world) for what it really is,,and i think thats his message in his songs..
    jeeezz ive been listening to him for about 3 years now..and it doesnt make me want to act inappropriately and im not out doing drugs and having sex just bcuz i listen to his he says he’s not encouraging it, thats just who he is

    i love marilyn manson, and prolly always will..
    Rock On!


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