Pachinko Video

To accompany the 40 minute long podcast of just sound. So you know what you’re listening to.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

8 thoughts to “Pachinko Video”

  1. I wanted to play pachinko when I was in Tokyo last year, but everywhere I went had signs stating (in English) that the games were just for fun and that I was to turn in the balls when I’m done playing. Now, we both now this isn’t true, but my limited Japanese wasn’t enough to negotiate with the people running the shops.

    Is there anything I can say to them to convince them to let me keep my winnings?

  2. So wait, people play these games just for fun? You don’t win anything? At all? You just win more little metal balls… okay now.
    Sheesh and here i thought the Arcade Slot machines down the Jersey Shore were lame. At least you can kind of win something playing Skee Ball after a while…albeit, cheap $1.00 kiddie toys. But hey, I have hundreds of tickets. I’m still saving up for that PSP from three years ago. I’m gonna get it eventually heh.

  3. I dont know what you could say to them, but as for “just for fun”, gambling is illegal in Japan, even though pachinko earnings are threee times that of military funding. When one does win, he takes his balls, and goes outside to a nearby vendor, and trades them for cigarettes, textiles or whatever the winnings are woth. As long as they dont give you money, its not considered gambling.

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