Binaural Recording Equipment

Just showing my binaural mic and headphone setup at the beginning of a podcast.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

9 thoughts to “Binaural Recording Equipment”

  1. Rich, these new binaural mics are just awesome. Listening to the previous podcast while walking on the street with my ear-plug-type headphones had me totally thrown. I was looking over my shoulder for mopeds that weren’t there and looking for invisible roadworks.. Freaky but very cool.

    Can’t wait ’till you can do another walking around town at night podcast with these babies! Great to see you podcasting again.

  2. Oh, and on the subject of how you talk to people in shops, I’m always giving my (Japanese) wife crap for totally ignoring staff in shops here in the UK, and she gives me crap for trying to strike up a conversation with staff in Japan. Ah, the joy of multi-cultural marriages 🙂

    But I can totally see how would adapt to the Japanese-style, I mean, why do I feel like should be their friend? They’re just taking my money for a sandwich!

  3. Yeah, those binaural mics are great. I own a pair myself and the sound quality really makes listening to things an experience. There was one part in your previous cast where some sort of loud sound happened, like metal hitting against something, but when I heard that over my headset while walking down the street, I jumped and was freaked out by that sound. It was SO realistic that I actually thought something exploded right next to me.

  4. Hi Rich,

    Thanks very much for starting up the podcasting again. It’s tough living without them! This one really brightened up my slightly depressed Friday.

    The sound quality was amazing! Did you also use some sort of power pack/pre-amp thingy to get that great sound, or did you just plug the binaurals straight into your iRiver?


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