Lunch run to convenience store

Now that I have a mobile phone that takes decent video (320 X 240 @ 15 fps) I’ll try to put out crappy little videos more often. I envy vloggers like Richard Bluestein, the man behind Madge Weinstein’s makeup, who can put out any old video and not be self-conscious about the quality. I want to be more like him. Or her. Whatever.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

14 thoughts to “Lunch run to convenience store”

  1. Very nice video. Your phone captures great image quality when relatively stationary (pretty good when moving too). Sound quality pretty good as well. Does it have a microphone input of some sort?

    That’s a lot of fuel food you were stocking up on.

    Thanks for the cool video.

  2. If I eat any less than that I lose weight. Problem is, eating that much puts me into a food coma. I should have bought a box of those creme filled chocolate covered cookie pie things. A year from now I’ll be 40 and have to start eating more healthily.

    That stupid little video took an hour to upload and I still have to fix it so it gets added to the RSS feed. And the comments are broken since I upgraded WordPress. And I’m goddamn 39 years old. But I just bought myself a 2nd birthday present: a memory cartridge for the DS so I can play “homebrew” games and such. My first present was this bitchin’ new phone I’m using to type this. I’m on the train right now.

  3. This is a first video and thank you! Your hair, it’s long!!! Every other video your shaved or just a little hair. I agree with Scott the video on that is actually really nice, mine is just bad.

  4. One thing that impresses me about Japan is how people treat the customer, from little shops to cafe/restaurants its always polite and respectful, although I got the impression that this is not reciprecated by the customer. When I was in Japan I tried to be very polite even to the cleaner in the hotel.

  5. That was great! It kind of reminded me of your old (clie?) video of the grocery store. The video looks superb considering its only a ketai.

    These sort of short clips with the phone would make really interesting material I think. Like short clips of stores, streets, stations, etc. Very cool!

    1. I agree that these short clips are great to watch. Unfortunately my ipod doesn’t play video so I watch them on my laptop at home. I think 2-3 minutes is ideal. By the way, quality is very good for a cell phone. I like the shots where you focused on the items you were buying. Anyway, I look forward to some more short videos.

  6. Wow you grew your hair in. Nice look dude. And a nice phone too. I want one heh.

    Yes i have to agree with Darren on how people treat customers. That’s something we here in America could learn from. It would be nice to walk into a 7/11 to that kind of politeness.. then again i don’t think i’d know how to react if that were the case hehe.

  7. Hey, I really enjoyed this video as well! I thought the quality was just fine. I was wondering, how much did all of it cost? Thanks again Rich!

  8. When you got to point of paying I became wistful to visit Japan again. I had the habit of getting up before everyone else in my inlaws house and walk to the convini down the street for a snack and walk around neighborhood to see what was around.


  9. I could spend some serious money in a Japanese convenience store. Sooooooo many wonderful snackfoods! There’s a little Japanese store that opened in my neighborhood (Family Market) where I can get some of my international snacking needs met; Pocky and Pretz, grape Gummys, decent instant noodles and steak-flavored potato chips!

    Your phone takes good video!

    (not a day goes by that I don’t say to myself “What would Madge do…”)

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