Moral of the story: Don’t be an asshole in Japan

You do not want to get arrested in Japan like this guy did. You don’t even have to be guilty to go to jail here. In Japan, it’s often said that you’re guilty until proven innocent.

I already knew this, which is why I went the whole nine yards when that chikan wedged his hand between me and the woman he felt up on the train back in October. Had I not caught him, the woman might have thought it was my hand up her skirt. Ever since then, I no longer stand near women on trains if at all possible. (I don’t like men very much, but that’s a rant to be left for another day.)

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

4 thoughts to “Moral of the story: Don’t be an asshole in Japan”

  1. Oh if only we adopted that principle in the good o’l UK we might have more scumbags and drunks off the streets……… oh wait, we cant we dont have enough spaces left in prison :/

  2. If you feel like looking it up(I know not to paste links here): this guy, “David Choe” went to prison in Japan, and solitary confinement, for knocking out an undercover cop(He’s Korean American, I guess). He works for the infamous “Vice Magazine”.

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