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The reason I didn’t put out a podcast last week is because I was totally addicted to the 7th Son Podcast. I listened to over 30 hours of it in five days. If you like Scott Sigler’s scifi/horror podcasts, definitely give it a listen.

Considering how disgustingly wealthy authors like Stephen King and Tom Clancy are, podcasters like Sigler and Hutchins should be making at least a few thousand dollars for the entertainment they offer. If either of them decided to hold the last chapter of their podiobooks for ransom, I wouldn’t hold it against them at all.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “By the way…”

    1. I’ve become bored with both SL and SL has too many weirdos (the Goreans all over the place freak me out), and I’ve done all there is to do in There. Andy still plays in There every weekend though. He’s the one wearing a cowboy hat, red Superman boots and boxer shorts with hearts on them.

  1. Oh, that’s the reason 😉

    I totally understand it, both Sigler and Hutchins do great jobs. I hope Sigler’s “The Rookie” will be as good as the podiobooks he did before, though it is quite different (and I am not really into football). Another good Podiobook is Bill DeSmidts “Singularity”, but I don’t think it’s as addicting as Sigler and Hutchins.

    1. Sorry for not writing you. I was in the office until 10:30 pm last fri. Every time I’m NOT in front of the computer I remember that I haven’t gotten in touch with you yet. The best way to reach me is to call my keitai.

      What do you think about going to one of the geeky cosplay coffee shops in Akihabara? I wonder if they’d lets us shoot video. Maybe we should dress up like mega-dweebs.

  2. No problem, I thought you were busy, since you also didn’t blog or post a podcast. And I also know myself and my (email) writing habits, not a good example either.
    Cosplay? Well, I’m not into that sort of thing, but for the sake of a maybe interesting video I’d give it a try 😉

    Just tell me, when you have time, since the university time schedule is less strict than your boss, I guess.

    Have you buried the the Roppongi video altogether?

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