14 thoughts to “Andy’s first vlog”

  1. Cool video, it was kind of scary though when the little guy was walking down the stairs while filming. And drinking the bottle of coke, he must have been inspired by the ‘how to open a bottle of lamune’ video I guess. Well overall the video was really kawaii(?)

    @ Lon I think you can see mister Pav holding the new camera when he sais Andy has to keep his camera horizontal.

    First comment here, I dont know very well how to respond, partially because my english isn’t very good. I just recently found out about your blog/podcast. Well since you stopped doing your regular podcast for some time already it might be a bit late but I still want to tell you that your podcasts were great! Oh well I shouldn’t go off topic here…


    1. Tony HAD to make one after seeing Andy’s, but of course he tried to outdo his little brother, which means I have to edit it into something watchable.

      Not to play favorites, but Andy does a much better job because he doesn’t try. He played with the camera a few times over the weekend, and his point of view is absolutely adorable. The way he films himself looking so serious setting up a shot then suddenty acting like a child…I just know I’m going to be watching his videos over and over until I’m too senile to remember his name.

    1. I thought I did. Thanks for letting me know, I found the problem and I’m fixing it now. (Cross-posting from blip.tv doesn’t create an RSS enclosure tag for the vid in WordPress.)

  2. It’s really awesome that you are doing Podcasts again, thanks for taking me to Japan with ya!

    So how exactly did you learn Japanese??

  3. Precious!!! I love it! He did a great job! My favorite part was when he seemed to seemed to totally “get” how cool it all was at the top of the stars when he said “hmmm!”. Too, too funny.

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