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I’m a little concerned that this might turn out to be fun only for me. But when it’s all said and done, this whole thing is about what’s fun for me, right? My time, my money, my blog. It’s only fair.

OK, OK, I’ll admit it, I feel guilty. I will get back to the regular stuff. Soon.

Update: BTW, I’m hardly the first to create a video in There. But as far as I know, I’m the first to videoblog from it. There’s also a podcast about machinima–which is what this genre of film is called.


Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

40 thoughts to “Herro Flom There.com”

  1. スゲ〜〜!! That was coooool! What a surprise! I think “there” would really love your video! I am glad you posted and hope that yoor “hiroukan” will be no more! Take care.

  2. One more thing: Did you notice the guy in beginning who slowly backed out of the shot? I think he kneew you wear trying to shoot something…haha! Funny!

    1. Yes, he knew. The guy was a “greeter” who stands there and waits for newcomers who need help. Right before I started recording I told him what I was doing. You can’t read it because the text is too small but he said, “Oh, so I guess I’m in you’re shot, aren’t I? Sorry…”

  3. Fantastic, Rich! Very strange to see a video in your regular style, but in a virtual world, but it really worked. Jumping from the top of mountains looks fun!

  4. The piano music had me rolling on the floor as I watched virtual Rich get pummeled. Brilliant and entertaining as always Rich, thanks for cheering up my morning!

    1. It’s creepy for me too. Usually only big-time celebrities get turned into cartoon characters. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have my own action figure too.

  5. This is so very novel. I think it helps that we’ve heard your voice for about a year. This could totally be used by the company to promote the game.

    1. I think it’s more of an “inside joke” kind of thing. Someone who hasn’t seen the other videos I’ve made wouldn’t get it.

      But for about two hour’s worth of work, I’m happy with it. I really redefined “shitting it out” with this one. If I can get away with putting that little of effort into videos, then this entire endeavor just got a whole lot easier.

  6. Rich this had to be the most amazing thing I have ever seen on my iPod. It was like combining a video game, a videoblog and a podcast all into one 5min+ clip with hoverboards!

    Who cares about 50 casts in 50 days when you make shows like this! WOW!

    1. I really expected people to say, “OMFG, Rich, stop being such a computer geek and get back to showing us Japan!” So far I’ve only received one message like that, and it was from one of my bestest friends, so it doesn’t really count.

  7. Ach, I tried to go to there.com, but when I downloaded the program, it made my laptop sooooo sloooow. Oh well, guess I’ll have to not be distracted from studying Japanese…

  8. i really like your editing. the transitions were brilliant, especially the part where you flew your plane up somewhere with similar ground texture with the mountain where you jump off a cliff (i half-thought you would go “ouch!” “ouch!” “ouch!”) are they in-house or do you use another standalone software to do your video editing?

  9. Rich, I have a podcasting geek question for you.

    I understand that you use your iRiver for your recordings. I’m assuming you’re using the line in jack and not the built in mic (because like most built in mics, they suck) or does your iRiver have a microphone jack? What type of microphone do you have to use in order to record using the line in jack?

  10. How freakishly cool! I was grinning and laughing watching and then made other half go watch it like “you must see how awesome this is!” He did and agreed (he had to I was like on and on and on – no seriously freaky, but ace!) Thanks for sharing that.

  11. Rich,

    Where are ye? We (my wife and I) are beginning to worry. She is from Japan and looks forward to your video casts.

    Hope all is well,

  12. Yeah Rich, where are you…? I miss hearing your stories and the videos…
    How did everything go with the sleep study? Take care…

  13. I hope you didn’t fall asleep driving a car dude. Or maybe your wife got so mad at you that she kicked you out. Or maybe you are sick of doing this shit anyway. Hey but listen I am dying to see new videocast. So get to work Rich.

  14. I’ve kept quiet but am a loyal follower. I have to admit I’m quite worry. I too am an insomniac/sleep apnea victim in case you need someone who relates to chat with, or just anything. I really hope all is well with you and yours and that we hear from you soon.
    abrazos muchos…

  15. I’ve watched the video over and over again it is so funny. What kind of mike and video capture and editor did you use I would like to do a There movie too.

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