Walking To Work: The Movie

I recently bought a $400 video camera and a $400 wireless mic for work and needed to test it out, so what better way than to use it for purely personal reasons, right? It’s almost like getting paid to videoblog.

I think our company needs a big screen HD plasma TV next.


Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

24 thoughts to “Walking To Work: The Movie”

  1. Hello Rich,

    Great videocast. I enjoy listening to you podcasts very much.
    Just curious, how do you keep the camera so steady?
    Are you holding it with some kind of aid to help you?

    Wanted to ask if you thought about putting targeted Google ads in your podcasts to monetize some of your work? If you did think about it; can you talk about why you have not done so? Perhaps you can make a few extra bucks this way (help buy the games for Tony)?

    One last question; have you had a sense (since you lived in Japan for more than 15 years) That things are turning around in the economy? There are many comments in the business press here in the States about Japan finally moving past the economic doldrums of the last 15 years…



    p.s. a videocast of Masagoro would be great. I would click on the ads for that one.

    1. I use a cheap screw-on ultra wide angle lens. It give the illusion of holding the camera more steady.

      I’ve thought about looking into putting Google ads on the blog, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      Yes, the economy supposedly is looking a bit better lately, but offhand I can’t think of anything I’ve seen lately that points to it, other than news stories.

      Every time I go to Shibuya I always hope to see Masagoro there. Tracking her down is also on my todo list.

  2. Awesome Rich, it should be nominated for Sundance next year. Considering the lack of sleep you look great – not at all haggard. Impressive that you speak English so clearly and colorfully despite the lack of sleep and having lived there so many years. Nice to see your walk to work, what is that like the last 5% of your commute? Is the wife set against moving from Koga to Tokyo? You have a nice house out there but you must get home too late to spend quality time with the wife and kids, which contributes to marital discord. On the other hand watching American TV on your video Ipod during the commute must be good for decompression. Take care bro.

  3. by the way, seems like you’ve been walking in the train station for a pretty long time…does it take people that long to walk out of a train station?

    keep up the momentum!

  4. Wow, – this was briliant. It was like I was really there walking with you. I watched this at full screen resolution – and from 4 feet away, – it looked great!
    I relly enjoyed this, cool to see the city like that (being from small town Mississippi) Thanks Pav! More! More!

  5. Hi Rich.
    -It’s real good to hear from you again. I have been checking the feed every day.
    Brilliant idea to film the walk to work. It does seem very different from what I had imagined. The ambient sounds on the sound podcasts for some reason feels much more powerful and surrounding.

    I can’t wait for the unreleased podcasts, and hope you get new microphones soon.

    Thanks for using the mov format.

    I really love your podcast. -video and sound

    PS. Why do we what to get back at people that do something against us?

    1. The sound was less dynamic because I was using a mono mic. Also, I set the mic’s volume to isolate my voice as much as possible.

      Why do we get back at people? I guess it’s because our sense of pride overpowers our sense of wrong vs. right. What puzzles me is why we’re hardwired to think that way.

  6. I kid you not — classic video podcasting!

    You’re a gem Rich. Great use of the great new equipment. I hope you manage to borrow it often!

    Many thanks.

  7. You said we want to do the same back to people who hurt us. Actually, we normally want to do worse to them. E.g., someone who knocks out my tooth; I want to knock out all his teeth. That’s why “eye for eye” is stated as just.
    I also have an oriental wife. They get over it. She just needs you to acknowledge what she is feeling.

  8. Love you vodcast.

    I have used CPAP for about 15 years. If you have any questions, email me.

    My DH suggests earplugs for your wife and perhaps yourself.

    Hang in there, it gets better.

  9. Love your Podcast especially the vidcast keep those coming!! Just wanna say take care, (and i hate to say this) take a break from podcasting if you have to coz Man you sound really tired…

    so anyways Hang in there and hope you’ll feel better soon!!

  10. I really enjoy your podcasts and I can relate to wanting to do unto others as they did unto you. It does take some effort to not lash back at them especially when you realize that it does no good in the long rin. I can sort of relate to feeling legarthic. Though I think its more like depression in my case. But its good you’re seeking help for your sleep problem. Any sense that these could be diet related? Any, like others have said here, hang in there. I appreciate your ‘casts.

  11. I really enjoyed your video. It’s neat to see the not so often seen side of Japan. I also enjoyed your video of the pool. It’s neat to see you interact with your kids in a mix of English and Japanese.

    My dad had sleep aptnea (sp?) for most of his life. They’ll probably put you on a machine that pushes air through your nose while you sleep and thus keeps you from snoring. When my dad first got one, it was as big as a TV, but the last one he had was tiny. I’m glad to see that you’re getting it taken care of though. Before my dad got his machine, he apparently would stop breathing for several minutes at a time. It used to really freak out my mom.

    Anyway, I look forward to some more cool videos. (^_^)

  12. the wife getting angry bit, she stays angry for like a week…
    well, not married myself however, I know this week long angry thing all too well, perhaps the reason I can’t keep a steady Japanese girlfriend…

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