Swimming at Kusuragi-no-yu

Part one of a three part epic saga of what Tony (8), Andy (5) and I did on January 8, 2006.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

15 thoughts to “Swimming at Kusuragi-no-yu”

  1. a random question about japan, i’ve always been curious about this: why do some (not all, it seems) japanese doors opens out? it doesn’t spell practical in my book, so how did this come about?

    1. I meant to mention this today on the podcast but forgot. It’s interesting how people will question the most minute details about another culture, almost like how children do when they first learn to communicate. Everyone does it.

      Don’t doors of all public places open outwards by law? If there’s a rush to the exits during a fire, you don’t want to get trapped.

      1. ah, fire, well that computes but doesn’t it make it easier for thieves to pry? apartments, i mean. plus, it’s hazardous. i stood on the doorstep only to have the door opened in my face. i never quite got used to this. i keep forgetting. has this ever happened to you when you first got there?

        1. especially those apartments with really narrow corridors, dang! imagine every flats in singapore has their door open outwards.

  2. Hey, i love this video cast! iv been A big josh in japan fan and when i asked about video casting he referred me to yours. do you have a fourm or email address where you anser questions? I was wandering what type of clie you are useing? and dose all your video go on to like a memory stick? I just sold my cam and i want a lil toy to play with! keep up the good work!

    1. Only the first two or three videos I put out were shot on the Clie. I’m using a 10 yr. old Sony Mini DV camera with a cheap screw-on ultra wide angle lens.

      This is the best place to ask questions.

      1. The “Che Pav” stunt at the end was Hilarious. The first time I watched the video through, I though my eyes were playing tricks on me! I thought for a second, “Did I just see ol’ Che on Richs Videocast?”. Indeed I did, and it had a cutout with Richs mug on it! (爆笑!) ★水着着けているのバナナ★

  3. Rich,

    I’m amazed at how you managed all of the money exchange while filming with the other hand. And like Mike, I nearly spit up a drink as well but during the AH-CHOO and Mother of AH-CHOO subtitles. Excellent.

  4. It’s great that you spend so much time with your kids, unlike the typical salaryman who’s too busy with work to bother. I liked the part where you ask Andy whether he wants to go to the ramen place, and he says “yeah”. Then suddenly says in Japanese that he wants to eat there at the pool. The way he says “Dakara” makes it seem like he didn’t understand what you were asking him. And what sounded like “yeah” at first may have meant “iya” as in “no”. Sounded funny either way.

    1. Yeah, I also think its great that Rich spends so much time with his children. Remember, Rich isnt Japanese. By the way, Im not sure if this has been mentioned before or not (sorry if it has been already) but which state are you from Rich? ★水着着けているのバナナ★

  5. Rich,
    Your kids are lucky to have a dad like you. I just think it’s going to be great when we all get older and can play back these videos you made for the whole world to see. Thanks for letting us into your life.

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