Look Ma, no brain!

I’m sitting here uploading this thing, and for the life of me I can’t remember what 90% of what I talked about. So it’s a good thing I recorded it. I’m definitely not running on all six cylinders today.

Check out the DV_Podcast for a peek at life in Japan through the eyes of some middle-aged guy with a really nice camera. It’s a lot like watching a stranger’s home movies.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “Look Ma, no brain!”

  1. Hey Rich,

    Have you tried using Ulead VideoStudios (I think they’re at version 9 right now) for your VideoCasting? If you’ve used it before, forget this post, but if you haven’t it’s a pretty neat little program. You do the whole subtitling thing and I think that this program who benefit the subtitling issue a lot, plus you get to do the little transitioning from one scene to another like a little mini-movie and add little animation programs if you feel like it. Everything’s pretty much laid out for you so that even beginners can plan things out on this program. You should try it, I recommend finding it as a download or a bittorrent since it’s a bit costly, 99 dollars from what I remember. The interface itself it easy as pie, but if you’re using it on a slow computer it might tend to lag. Good thing is it has a 30 day trial period before you can actually buy it, so it gives you a bit of time to have some fun with it.

  2. Sorry for the double post, I forgot to say that I recommend you trying out version 8 instead of version 9, from my own experience, I like 8 a whole lot better plus version 9 can’t import MPEG-4 unless you buy one of their programs that converts the videos or if you download a video converter to change it to something other then MPEG-4.

    1. I have VideoStudio8 ready to install, I just have to put aside some time to go through the learning curve. I have a feeling I’ll end up buying it. Windows Movie Maker is destroying my art with those blasts of static.

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