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  1. Yeah, Windows throws a fit if you swapout the motherboard. If you end up needing to use your old install instead of a fresh one (or just for future reference), you can find an nice guide on how to change your motherboard without reinstalling Windows here.

    And yeah, you nailed the problems with Japanese pop music. But hey, random Engrish and off key singing isn’t nearly as bad as sniffing.

    1. Hey, I’m trying. Maybe I should stuff tissues up my nose.

      Thank you very much for the link. Looks like it’ll save my bacon. Just for you, tomorrow I will be extra careful not to sniff.

  2. Sorry to hear of your problems – I can relate (to some of them… I try to only use macs 😉

    Re: apnea — when I started using a CPAP setup at night it made all the difference in the world. Yes it is a bit of a pain to get used to (but you do), it is well worth it in being awake/alert and a whole lot less cranky during the daytime! Other options range from throat surgery at one extreme to a t-shirt with a tennis ball sewn into the center of the back (so you don’t sleep on your back — honest, a sleep lab MD showed me that one) at the other.

    re: music web site — go for it! I’d love to use a site that could help me navigate artists and their styles/genre.

    good luck with everything!

  3. Here is another guide on how to change the motherboard and get windows xp to recognize it.
    I’ve used this guide and it works quite well. The only problem is that you’re not going to get the same speed as with a new windows install, but it will allow you to tidy up you data before formating.

  4. As far as the choreography goes for JPOP, you’re right. THere is no way to describe this god awful display of timed dancing. You can only watch it for so long before it drives you crazy.

  5. I loved the your radio voice impression! I laughed pretty hard at that. Honestly, who can stomache that stuff? Especially at ungodly hours of the morning when youre listening to morons babble about the latest celebrity gossip on morning radio shows with their fake super dynamic voices.

    Do they have that stuff in japan?

    Maybe its just me….

    keep up the great work 😛

  6. See? I’m at work listening and commenting as the podcast goes along. Interactive! Oooooh.
    Anyway. . . .people not hearing you or freaking out when you speak Japanese to them. I know!! I live in Los Angeles and semi-frequently visit New York and I can’t even begin to count how many times this happens. The only times people have NOT either stared at me with a vacant expression and force me to repeat in English or get confused and clarify in English were in a little family convenience store in LA’s Little Tokyo (AKA hell-hole. There are hundreds of hagard homeless everywhere) and in a bookstore in New York. There is a local Raumen place that my fiancee and I go to all the time and EVERY time I order in Japanese and they always have to clarify in English. I never get it. . .if I’m ordering in their native language the chances are quite good that aI know what I’m saying. . .it makes trying to convenience them a pain in my ass because I end up having to clarify everything I order. It makes it very unpleasant to ever try speaking the language, I can tell you.

  7. Well I am sure you are sniffing cause it’s super cold and you are walking/biking. I heard this is the coldest winter in Japan since 1946 or something. I think the wind sounds are destroying my car speakers (I don’t care) but sniffing is to be expected.

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