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I’m recovering from a post-lunch food coma and still too groggy to remember what I talked about this morning. What I do remember is I segued from one topic to the next pretty well, and my muse did a good job at protecting me from the Anxiety Fairy. (Die, you foul bitch, die!)

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

6 thoughts to “The Good Segue Podcast”

  1. Looking forward to the upcoming “annoying things about Japan that really aren’t so annoying if you look at them” episode. You’re a master at describing stuff that makes living in Japan so fun. For me its trains, perfectly groomed young beauties, cheesy pop music, drink vending machine choices (gotta love the hot ones in the winter) – could go on for pages. The flipside annoying stuff is equally fascinating if you just accept that you’ll never change it and nobody is forcing you to live there. I lived there 5 years which was just at the outer limit of stage 1 Disneyland mode. Our family returns to Tokyo every summer and we have a blast. I often wonder how I’d feel had I stayed 10 or 15 years – so you’re my surrogate.

    1. Cheezy pop is one of my pet peeves. It’s the #1 reason why I never turn on the TV. Quiz shows are the #2 reason. Since I hardly ever seen those shows, I don’t complain.

      1. No doubt Japanese TV sucks. But somehow cheesy pop is the perfect soundtrack to flipping through magazines at the Family Mart. It’s also balanced by the fact that you can hear some quite obscure, tasty western rock/jazz/blues as BGM at the most unlikely places like the sento. Music in Japan is a topic you could do an entire podcast on.

        1. I’d like to start covering music more often, but not J-Pop. In particular, I’d like to cover Serena, the sexy thang stunningly beautiful young women who gave the violin performance in the Apple Store a while back. I’d like cover her in honey.

  2. How do ya learn Japanese so well?? The writing and speaking?? Because I am going to Japan on an exchange program, just wanted some advice. Also the Herro Flom Japan podcast is awesome, keep em coming.

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