Freezing Cold Bikecast

Too tired to type shownotes.

Listener contributed album art. (Mike, you are sick.)

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “Freezing Cold Bikecast”

  1. Commenting about crowded public transportation in San Francisco. A guy got arrested during last summer for “leaning” into womens behinds on crowded Muni buses. I can’t see why this guy did this. What was he expecting that the women would oblige him and have sex with him on the bus? If he did that to anyone I know – he would have a 300 pound guy named “Tiny” leaning into him in prison.

    1. Yes, they hope the woman will at least do nothing and at best get as turned on as them. If the woman doesn’t react negatively they interpret it as consent. It’s not logical — it’s a compulsion. Someone could argue that they’re as much a victim of it as the women they victimize, but like any illness, it’s the infected person’s responsiblity to get help or suffer the consequences. What’s most fucked up about that site is it turns them into a community that celebrates their illness. It’s enough to almost make me believe that there really is a Satan.

  2. Another excellent podcast. I could totally envision you cruising down the little side streets of Koga, snot running down your nose as you ruminate about podcasting and perverts on your ride home from the station on a cold night. I actually had to turn off the post-bath scene. I also have 2 little boys so I know how cute and silly they are. But at the moment I’m kicking back at work, so your (futile) attempts to get them to put on their PJs and brush their teeth hit home so closely it was starting to elevate my blood pressure. Thanks for always keepin’ it real, Rich. Get some rest and shine on!

  3. I am wondering if “they” rub and grobe women in Osaka too ? My friend told me in Osaka people on the trains all are talking and happy and even talk to strangers and people in Tokyo are all quiet and don’t even look at other people. I have been to Tokyo but never Osaka…just curious maybe people in Tokyo are the weirdos and not Osaka.

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