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Ya’ll must getting tired of me ripping on my own podcasts, so I won’t. Just let me say that putting out a recording I really want to redo is downright painful. Under extreme duress, I’m limiting myself to one take. Spalding Grey used to record, listen to and critique his soliloquies over and over until he had them down just right. To me, that’s the proper way. As you might guess, I can spend weeks doing that, and I have to stop. Or at least cut down.

I do like the last two videos a lot, though. I’ve watched them over and over and made my family watch them too.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

8 thoughts to “Today’s Recording”

  1. Rich, you are doing a great job. In my opinion the more “spur of the moment/unscripted” the better. I enjoy the interruptions of missing train tickets and coughs. I don’t even know how to explain why I like it. I guess I enjoy it because it offers a chance to experience another life. Keep up the great work. Don’t try too hard. Life at its rawest is very appealing, and you portray that well.

  2. Video editing.
    You didn’t mention what video editing software you’re using.
    If you’re using adobe premier, i noticed a problem with video playback when the preview ‘quality’ was set to high. It should be set to ‘automatic’.
    Another problem i had was the video software i used to bring in/capture the video was encoding the video in mpeg2 (or a variant therein). Anyhow, since it’s compressed, the video editing has to do more work to view a single frame than if it had been brought in/captured in DV AVI or basic AVI. So i now bring in my video in DVAVi and it works like a champ. However, my processor is an AMD 64 bit 3200 chip. There’s a huge improvement over the 32bit processor i was using just a month or two ago.

    Yet another thing to consider with video editing is where your ‘scratch disks’ reside. Adobe premier will transcode audio and render full video previews on the same disk as your videos. This will increase the amount of reads off of one drive, which is never good. I set mine up to use video/audio scratch disks on a separate hard drive (physically separate, not partitions) than my video source files. This really helps as well.

    If you’re experiencing slow playback of your videos throughout the whole system then perhaps its’ the capture setting of your video capture software i mentioned above.

    Sorry i couldnt’ be of more help. Please mention the camera ur using, the video editing software and how ur bringing in the video.


    1. Thanks for the tips. I’m using Windows Movie Maker, and I’m sure the problem is the Ethernet/USB2/firewire PCI card. When I remove it and restart, video speeds up. I have three cards (graphics, combo and SATA) and three PCI slots, and I’ve tried every permutation of slots and cards but the results are always the same. So I’ve started shopping for a new motherboard and CPU. I’m aiming for a mobo under $100 and a used 2.5 or 3MHz CPU. It’s been over a year since I’ve looked at hardware. A lot has changed.

  3. I agree with drapelyk. The unscripted stuff is best. The wind added a dose of realism that is lacking from many podcasts. Combine that with the binaural sound and the motorcycle in the background and you really get the feeling of being there.

    I loved the subtitles in the videocast. Very funny. Will we ever meet Mrs. Pav?

    1. Although Mrs. Pav is a very nice person, if you try to record or film her, she will threaten to rip off your head and shit down your neckhole. So to answer your question: Uh, no.

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