How to Open a Bottle of Lamune

There’s something about camera lenses that make little boys go completely apeshit. Between their seizures of goofiness, Tony (“Booger”) and Andy (“Goofball”) demonstrate how to open, drink and disassemble a ラムネ bottle.

This took an unbelievably long time to edit. I either need to stop being such a perfectionist, or learn how to be a faster one.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

9 thoughts to “How to Open a Bottle of Lamune”

  1. I must say Rich, that was one of more entertaining things i’ve seen for a while.

    And thanks for turning the camera off were the children were harmed. That shows good form! You’re improving!

    1. The QT7 installer won’t let me install the app in English, so I only know what the setting is called in Japanese–something like “middle bandwidth” in the pulldown menu you get when exporting DV AVI to MOV format. The only setting I change is the size of the image because I’m shooting in widescreen mode.

      You know what, I’ll take you up on your original offer for OS 9 and 10, just to see if they work. Today I got a hold of a 8.6 CD from Gerry in Australia. From what I remember, 9.1 worked well, 9.2 runs slower than molasses when it doesn’t freeze up.

    1. Thanks! I read that page a few weeks ago but it has been expanded quite a bit since then. There’s an open source implementation being developed and the VNC media player incorporates it. Hopefully there will be a card available soon that’s less than $350-500 Nvidias and supports hardware compression.

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