One thought to “ 4.9 mashup”

  1. Hi again,

    This really has nothing to do with, I have only a vague idea of what you are talking about there. I really should have taken the chance I had back in the 80’s to teach english in Japan. I would probably know a lot more about computers with all the free time!

    I just wanted to say how I really enjoy the way you are doing the podcasts. The “actuality” soundscapes are fascinating and startling when wearing headsets. It really paints a picture and is much more enjoyable than, say, JDinJP. My 9yo was fascinated by the videos, how to order a meal, ride the subway, disney and the like.

    I wanted to ask you how long you can record with the iRiver 799? I would like to buy such a setup and the 1/2 gig is quite a bit cheaper. I am also looking into the Nikon Cool Pix with video podcasting in mind.

    Also, what was that software for the Kana dictionary? You also mentioned something about a character recognition software? for mac?

    well, thanks and keep up the good work!


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